Every area of the FCC exam (all FCC exam elements #1, #3, and #8) is covered. Our course was designed to prepare you for any form of FCC exam question with Hand Held Radio - the type of preparation you need to ensure no surprises when taking the FCC exam. The preparation for the FCC License takes all the suspense out of it. Our proven course is intended so that even beginners can start quickly. You begin with the very basics step-by-step and continue lesson by lesson at a pace that fits with your activities, work schedule and ability to learn. So it is easy to understand, whether you are a novice or have any knowledge of electronics. "When interviewing prospective Airframe & Powerplant Mechanics, aviation maintenance employers desire the "complete package." Having the General Radiotelephone Operators License (GROL) with optional Radar Endorsement (RE) will make you that complete package".

The Preparation intended to assist candidates to learn the requisite material and to perform the required FCC examinations in the most effective and thorough manner possible. This is done through a combination of seminars, and practice tests.

Applicants must approve and pass the FCC Written Element 1 and FCC Written Element 3 in order to receive the General Radiotelephone Operator License. Most students want to add new radar endorsements to the (RE) Radar Endorsement after passing Elements 1,3. (GROL). You will be obliged to take FCC Written Element 8 and pass it. A designated FCC is American Airman.