About 35 years ago, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) initiated the issuance of an Inspection Authorization (IA). This method of giving the privilege of conducting such inspections to eligible mechanics has worked well in the maintenance of the U.S. Fleet of Civilians. The achievement of an IA and the success of that certificate's duties substantially increase the rights and responsibilities. Our detailed curriculum provides the applicant with all the details needed to pass the IA Knowledge test and score highly on it. This is done through a combination of lectures by an expert mentor, self-directed computerized on-site analysis, and computer-based on-site practice tests. You will be completely aware of the benefits and disadvantages of this highest standard of maintenance certification.


Our program includes FAA example questions with comprehensive explanations. Applicants can learn how to acquire the details they need to answer the FAA Exam Questions, including Airworthiness Instructions, Advisory Circulars, Type Certificate Data Sheets, FAA Order 8130.21D, and FAA Form 8130-3.

In order to obtain the IA, only a 50-question written review is required. Oral and Practical Test for inspection is not necessary.