In our nation's air transport industry, aviation mechanics play a critical role. The essence of his work requires both initial and subsequent in-service preparation. Provide him with the requisite skills and technical knowledge to "return - to - service". Work with the highest possible accuracy and performance. Technological developments are occurring at an extremely rapid pace within the aviation industry. These ones, these Progress has given rise to the need for additional aviation mechanics to sustain the advanced Systems of modern aircrafts. These advances in technology have also made it possible to update the aviation maintenance technician training centers, the instructional software is currently being used.

AMT training programs have to comply with and adhere to receive and remain accredited by the Federal Aviation Administration according to these requirements. 

The following areas of AMT training are discussed in order to provide performance benchmarks for training programs for AMT: curriculum, teaching methods, faculty, assessment of students, operation of the software, installations, services, quality assurance, institutional and financial support,  advisory Committee on Business.